Support Raisers: Should We Be Giving Too?

A group of missionaries from various agencies decided to meet together each week for accountability. They resolved to be completely honest about their time with God, marriages, private lives, and even their finances. After about three months, Rick, the leader, asked each person to share with the group what percentage of their income they were giving away. The answers shocked him: • “Income? I don’t consider the support we’ve raised as income. I don’t feel right about giving away funds that others have specifically sent for us.” • “I think my time is more valuable than my money. We don’t […]

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Four Ways a Steering Committee Can Help Get You to 100%

Josh and Katie were feeling lonely and isolated. They had applied and been accepted to a well known youth ministry, given a book to read about support raising, and told to report to their assignment when they got to full budget. Now, four months later, and stuck at only 18%, they sat in a room and silently stared at each other. Katie finally spoke up, “Why are we trying to do this all by ourselves? Why don’t we get some of our friends involved? I bet a number of them would want to do more than just give.” Immediately, they […]

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Three Secrets to Save Your CEO from a Heart Attack!

Baxter was a fun-loving visionary who attracted all kinds of sharp and gifted people to him and his ministry. He not only made them feel like they had a unique contribution to make, but also that they would forever be his best friend! Early on, Baxter decided to draw upon his vast number of successful business friends to fund all his organization’s needs. This allowed him to recruit impressive staff and develop exciting programs until, after about ten years, he suddenly hit “the wall.” Marathoners know full well the sinking feeling of being halfway through the race when a bomb […]

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Getting “Buy In” from Supporters at Pivotal Transitions

Emily was a 35-year-old schoolteacher who had developed quite a heart for missions. She had taken the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course, gone on short term mission trips, prayed regularly through Global Prayer Digest and then felt a call to do more. She arrived at a critical crossroads and was thinking seriously about accepting one of the staff opportunities presented to her by several agencies. She prayed, fasted, and read Scripture until she finally thought she knew God’s will. Overjoyed, Emily immediately worked to gather a newsletter list of 300+ people she’d known during her life to inform […]

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The Most “Secure” Job You’ll Ever Have!

Jack felt sure numerous top-tier job offers would be banging on his door now that he completed his MBA. He had worked so hard packing his resume with good grades, service activities, previous jobs and internships, and of course, an all-star cast of references. He was also secretly counting on his network of fraternity brothers and his Tom Cruise good looks as “icing on the cake.” When no great offers came forth, he aggressively hit the phones and streets in pursuit of his fast track to the top. He was a tad embarrassed when he accepted a low-level sales job, […]

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How My Relationship With God Affects My Support Raising

Early in my Christian life, I wanted to be A+ in every area of my life: An A+ disciple, A+ prayer warrior, A+ Bible scholar, A+ husband and father, A+ evangelist and disciple-maker, and the list went on. I set very specific and challenging goals in each area to make sure I was on track and recording my impressive achievements. I don’t know whether I’ve just mellowed out, or my definition of “success” has changed, but I’ve gradually shifted from striving for an A+ in every category to simply…pass-fail! Lest you think I’m the only one who has backslidden into […]

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When Building a Team, Don’t Settle for Cheap Substitutes

Before the days of Mapquest and GPS, I remember poring over a map and predicting I could shave 40 miles and 60 minutes off our road trip. Projecting supreme confidence, I exited the interstate to “cut the corner,” anticipating speeding along a lonely country road, and getting to our destination in record time. But, after spending two long hours crawling through dinky little towns, getting stuck behind hay trailers, and wearing out a set of brakes on a myriad of hairpin turns, I finally had to admit to my now frustrated passengers that I was a total idiot—and we were […]

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Support Training: How Much is Enough?

I won’t bore you with the children’s story of Goldilocks stumbling upon the three bears’ house in the woods (with no one home) only to test out their porridge, chairs, and beds. You remember—each time she tasted, sat, or laid down, she would proclaim it to be too little, too much, etc…and then finally…“juuuust right!” Looks like I bored you anyway, but let’s apply this tale to the critical area of support raising training. In the last eight years, we’ve been privileged to train staff from almost 300 organizations. You might ask, “How many different approaches have you seen as […]

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Subsidizing Staff Salaries: Does it Help or Hurt?

The leaders of Campus Challenge* were so anxious to get their new staff to their ministry assignments that they held an emergency meeting on how they could bypass the sometimes long and laborious support raising process. The President (who was on salary) proposed the re-routing of a recent 150K gift to go instead toward subsidizing new staff salaries. The HR director (also on salary) quickly calculated the percentages and yelled excitedly, “We can cover 60% of their first year salary, 30% of the second, and by the third they should all be at full support!” A Regional Director (who’s never […]

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Big Visions Require Big Dollars: Principles from Nehemiah

Years ago, a friend of mine was working for a prominent businessman who invited my friend to join him in an appointment with Dr. Bill Bright, President of Campus Crusade. In that meeting, Dr. Bright asked this businessman for one million dollars to help fund worldwide evangelism projects. Even though my friend knew this businessman did not currently have the funds, he committed to Dr. Bright to give the requested amount. Later I learned there were almost 250 other individuals who had also committed at least one million, and Crusade dubbed this group of sacrificial investors: “History’s Handful.” How do […]

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