Welcome to the new Bootcamp

where you can be the Facilitator.

Helping your staff become spiritually healthy,

vision driven, fully funded, Great Commission workers.

Completely interactive, discussion-led format

Facilitation vs. Teaching

After teaching on support raising for 15 years, we have seen energy and engagement
multiplied as we moved towards a facilitation and hands-on training model.  This new
Bootcamp doesn’t require your trainer to be a world-class speaker and support raiser.

Kinesthetic Learning Experiences

Bootcampers experience challenging and engaging activities that help develop the tools
and skills needed to reach and stay at full support.

We learn best by doing

Bootcampers will watch, then do, then evaluate. We practice multiple mock support calls,
appointments and follow up. After crafting and rehearsing answers to frequently asked
questions, the participants make real calls to set up real appointments.

We help you succeed
Annual National SRS Conference
Ongoing Coaching
Updating Resources
Connecting to SRS network of trainers & your peers.
We ask that you:
Raise your own personal support
Participate in a Facilitator's Training
Comply with our annual agreement
Your Bootcamp essentials

Participants Receive

A copy of The God Ask, along with the Bootcamp prep packet and workbook

Trainers Receive

PowerPoint presentation, facilitators guide, activities kit, and other Bootcamp essentials

What's required of your participants
Finish The God Ask prior to the Bootcamp
Complete the Bootcamp prep packet
Go through the required bible studies
Simple and affordable cost model


Participant cost paid online


Per person paid by organization


Facilitator cost Including annual conference, monthly call-in, and resource updates

SRS will continue to hold public Bootcamps at our normal $399 participant cost
Envision your staff fully funded


Helping individuals thrive in ministry

Fully Funded Culture

100% matters. Not only for individuals, but for ministry.


Donor base is strengthened

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Contacting us is the next step toward becoming a Certified Facilitator.
We look forward to serving you!
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