SRS Thrive is Coming Your Way! New Feature!

Thrive is a 1-day interactive workshop to help current staff grow healthy habits of ministry partners development. They will dig into the vision of partners, develop a communication plan, and create an annual maintenance strategy. The goal is to walk out knowing what to do next week for MPD, next month, and a year from to continue being spiritually healthy, vision-driven, and fully funded.

Who is it for?

Staff must be at 80% support to qualify. Anything less than that and a full Bootcamp would better serve their needs. Thrive does NOT teach initial support raising methods. Staff can be in their first year of ministry or their 100th.

How do I use it?

This is open for SRS Facilitators to use, no extra training or certification required. You can break up the 9 sessions in whatever form is best for your staff keeping it as a one day event or go all the way to having a 9 month series integrated into your staff’s professional development.

I’m not a Facilitator, can someone come run a Thrive event for my organization?

Possibly! A big concern we have is that a single event is not going to solve organizational culture. If this is part of a much larger strategy you and your leadership have—let’s talk. Use this info sheet to get started.


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