Track your staff through public Bootcamps

Via Generosity has provided the opportunity for Network Members who are coaches and trainers to track their staff members who are attending a public Bootcamp. Each Bootcamp participant has a 12-24 hour online preparation course to complete before arriving to Bootcamp consisting of reading The God Ask, a series of Bible studies, working through their calling and vision, and preparing tools that will help them in their support raising journey.

We’ve provided a way for their coaches and trainers to help guide them through the process of coming to Bootcamp completely prepared so they can get the most out of it. There is also opportunity for these coaches or trainers to audit a Bootcamp so they can track your staff while attending!

How to set up your Track My Staff classroom

Step 1: Register for your Network Membership.

Step 2: Fill out the Track My Staff Classroom Request Form and pay the $120 classroom set up fee. will set up your Track My Staff classroom (Mentor Group) and make you the mentor.

Step 3: After your staff registers for a public Bootcamp, you will forward your staff’s Bootcamp Registration confirmation email to and our team will place them in your group so you can track their progress in Bootcamp Prep.

How it works

The eLearning site (Pathwright) has 3 separate types of online courses: Public Bootcamps, Network Bootcamps, and Foundations. Network Members already utilizing Network Bootcamps and Foundations already have access to track their staff’s progress attending their own in-house training. Now we are offering to setup a classroom for your ministry under our public Bootcamp course. If your ministry is utilizing public Bootcamps as your main support raising training, this may be a great option for you to help coach them through their support raising training! Your staff participant doesn’t need to do any additional steps, since they simply register for the public Bootcamp online and receive their access to the online prep. Once our team receives your staff’s Bootcamp Registration confirmation email, we’ll place their account in your mentor group (Track My Staff Classroom). As they complete the public Bootcamp Preparation course, the mentor for this class will then be able to track the progress.

Audit Bootcamp

We also have the opportunity for coaches and trainers who have a Track My Staff classroom to attend a public Bootcamp with their staff for a discounted rate! If a Network Member wishes to ‘audit’ a Bootcamp with the purpose of coaching debriefing with their staff throughout, they may do so at a discounted Bootcamp rate as long as they have registered for a Track My Staff classroom and have already fully prepared and participated in a past public Bootcamp in its current form (2014 or later). For more questions about how to track your staff at a public Bootcamp, email


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