March 2021 Webinar
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SRS Webinar
Mar 30, 2021
1:00 pm CT
Betty Barnett: Guiding Your Staff in Support Raising Start-up: Core Biblical Principles

There’s only one time for start-up in support raising and it’s our best opportunity to impart foundational principles, setting the groundwork for effective long-term support raising. By far, the easiest and most teachable peers are those in start-up — they are desperate to learn, hungry for growth in their faith and trust in God, and great “learners” as we guide them along their support raising journey. As we equip them during start-up, it’s important for us to give solid foundations, grounded in Scripture with a focus on Jesus-style principles and practices. Join Betty Barnett who has taught thousands of missionaries around the world and has experience with guiding those in start-up as well as long-termers struggling with support. Betty will share how to guide them well and instill essential core biblical principles so that they may thrive throughout their ministry.

Betty Barnett,
Youth With A Mission
Betty Barnett has been in full-time Christian service since 1975, dependent upon missionary support from her church, friends and family. Describing herself as a "missions equipper," she has held various positions with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) over the past 30 years, including managing editor of Zondervan's Christian Growth Study Bible, the first missions-focused study Bible. Over the years, Betty's dynamic speaking ministry has taken her to over 40 nations, encouraging thousands of missionaries with the principles found in her book, Friend Raising -- Building A Missionary Support Team That Lasts. She has a Bachelor's in Social Work, a Master's in Business Administration, and resides in Colorado Springs.

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