November 2022 Webinar
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SRS Webinar
Nov 29, 2022
1:00 pm CT
David Nicholson: (Mostly) Painless Ways to Implement Organizational Changes in Fundraising

Trying to introduce and implement change in the way an organization handles fundraising often meets resistance, and can result in personal stress and interpersonal conflict. Join Dr. Nicholson as he presents some of the strategies and skills one needs to productively understand and manage this resistance and implement successful organizational change. He will introduce the Awareness Wheel, a specific tool for understanding and presenting the various aspects of a conflict.

David Nicholson,
Dr. Conflict
In his 36 years as a clinical and consulting psychologist, Dr. Nicholson has been trained in and/or studied over 30 of the nations top programs in conflict resolution and collaboration. These include Crucial Conversations, Peacemakers, Interpersonal Communication Programs, PREP, Relational Wisdom, and Safe Conversations to name a few. Through his counseling private practice in Richardson, Texas, he has taught hundreds of couples, as well as businesses, churches and nonprofit organizations, the principles, strategies, and skills needed to resolve conflict in ways that honor God and deepen relationships. He has been married to his wife Cindy for 39 years, and has 3 adult children, as well as 3 grandchildren.

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