March 2018 Webinar
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SRS Webinar
Mar 27, 2018
1:00 pm CT
John Patton: SRS Coaches Guide: Create A Coaching Strategy and Team

How do you develop a coaching strategy that can scale from 1 coach to 50 coaches? Support Raising Solutions has interviewed many Great Commission ministries and researched their coaching practices to learn what works and what does not. Join John Patton as he reviews the SRS Coaches Guide which outlines coaching strategies, job descriptions, best practices, sample reports, and an overview of policies.

John Patton,
Co-Founder of SRS, Chief of Operations Officer of CMM,
John Patton co- founded Support Raising Solutions and the Center for Mission Mobilization (CMM) in 2001 with Steve Shadrach. He serves as the Chief of Operations Officer and has lived on personal support since 2000 with his wife Tisha and three young boys. As COO, John has helped created the HR, finance, and support raising structures for the CMM, as well as coaching field and administrative staff in their support raising efforts.

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