Welcome to University Christian Outreach's registration site for support raising training.

Welcome UCO staffers! For our 2022 MPD Bootcamp we will be using Support Raising Solutions (SRS) system to complete the registration and the Pre-Bootcamp coursework.

SRS Bootcamp

Miracle Camp

Lawton, MI

May 15-17

(registration closes two weeks prior)


Monday, May 15th- 9am to Wednesday, May 17th and will finish at 4pm.

This training includes 1 to 1.5 hour Weekly Zoom sessions the following 3-4 weeks


No payment at the time of registration.

The chapter which you will be placed will pay for all costs associated with the MPD Bootcamp. There is no cost to you!


Miracle Camp
Bankson Lodge
25281 80th Ave.
Lawton, MI 49065


We will be lodged in Bankson Lodge at Miracle Camp


Charles Wesley

Other Details

– The Dress code for Bootcamp will be Business Casual.
– All meals will be provided by Miracle Camp. Additional snacks will be provided.
– Please bring your laptop, phone and headphones/earbuds
– Ensure that you have downloaded the MPD PowerPoint Presentation on your laptop (which you
will receive via email)
– Ensure that you have logged into DonorElf
– Note that there will be a weekly Zoom session in the weeks following the Bootcamp to cover
supplemental important material. More details will be given during the Bootcamp

Before Coming to SRS Bootcamp

    Please come fully prepared by logging into SRS Learn to begin your prep work. You will receive a link to this program after you register. Your username is the email you used to register with and your password is the word – learning.

About SRS Bootcamp

Since 2001, SRS has trained nearly 10,000 mission workers from over 500 ministries to be spiritually healthy, vision-driven, and fully funded Great Commission workers. SRS staff members raise their own support to provide excellent training resources, equip you to overcome obstacles in support raising, and help you thrive in ministry.

SRS Bootcamp is a completely interactive and engaging workshop. It is essential that you complete all the Bootcamp preparation before you arrive (24-40 hours), because once you get to Bootcamp, you will synthesize and practice with others what you learned during your preparation work. At the Bootcamp, you will:

Gain confidence in communicating the biblical foundation for living on support, asking others to invest, and understanding the “God Ask”
Learn best practices and gain confidence in sharing your presentation
Rehearse with your peers and make real calls for appointments
Experience the value of meeting with people and asking for support face to face
Discover how to cultivate lasting relationships with your supporters


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