The harvest is too plentiful and the task is too great to let finances stand between laborers and the field.

Together we can help you attract more recruits, launch more laborers, & keep more veterans for the sake of the unreached.

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SRS Network Benefits

Training Options for Your Staff

Support Raising Leaders Conference
Come be encouraged and equipped by keynote speakers, informative workshops, and interactive panels on best practices to help recruits overcome the fear of support raising. You will learn how to establish a fully funded culture in your ministry.
SRS Network Members receive a discount on registration!
SRS Foundations
SRS has taken the 30-40 hour preparation component of Bootcamp and made it available for SRS Network Members! Recruits and staff process through training videos, extensive Bible study, and can begin to prepare their tools for support raising. Because we believe so much in live training, SRS Foundations is made to accompany a ministry's in-house training. Network Members can track their staffs' progress in SRS Foundations through our Facilitator portal!
Track My Staff: A Coaching Resource
If your organization uses public SRS Bootcamps as your main source of support raising training, ensure your staff is attending fully prepared! Coaches and trainers can now track their staffs' progress through the online preparation, so that their staff can arrive completely prepared and get the most out of SRS Bootcamp. There is also opportunity for these coaches or trainers to attend an SRS Bootcamp at a coaches rate so they can track staff throughout!
Lead Your Own Bootcamps
Become an SRS Facilitator Member and lead your own SRS Bootcamps in-house for your staff! SRS Bootcamp combines SRS Foundations with two days of live training, role playing and peer discussion designed to help your staff through their perspectives on support raising and develop the strategies and skills to reach and stay at full support. SRS will provide you with the training, a scripted facilitator guide and all the materials you need to lead a private Bootcamp for your staff as many times a year and whenever it is most convenient for you. Receive discounted rates for your staff members who are registering for your in-house Bootcamp of $125 per person and $220 per married or engaged couples.

Resources and Tools

Monthly webinars
Develop yourself as a coach, trainer or leader through monthly one-hour webinars led by veteran support raising leaders who teach on common support raising challenges. Enjoy live Q&A from the webinar guest speakers and get updates about new SRS benefits. Members can also access the entire webinar archive of all recorded webinars from the past.
Catapult video series
Explore the Catapult Series library of 250+ videos that are 3-5 minutes long on support raising topics rooted in biblical truths! Glean from 15+ years of support raising wisdom on relevant, understandable content that are categorized and sorted by topic! You may also share these short videos with other staff members to help them right where they're at in their support raising journey!
Support Raising Survey
Discover your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. We’ve developed a survey that helps you get a pulse on your staff’s support raising health. Filter the results for acute analysis and schedule a phone call with us to debrief.
Other Exclusive Resources
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group Page where SRS Network Members collaborate and share ideas.
  • Access to audio and handouts of workshops and keynotes from previous Support Raising Leaders Conferences.
  • Access to the SRS Coaching Guide: SRS interviewed many Great Commission ministries and researched their coaching practices to learn what works and what does not. This document contains coaching strategies, job descriptions, best practices, sample reports, and an overview of policies.
  • Translated downloadable PDFs of 5 Keys for Personal Support Raising for you to use to help your recruits hurdle the initial fear of support raising.
  • Other exclusive downloadable tools and resources.
  • More resources coming soon! SRS is continually developing resources and tools to better equip our SRS Network Members.

We’re with you every step of the way.


Shape your

Create a healthy support raising DNA founded on biblical convictions, vision-driven budgeting, and a belief that full funding is expected and achievable.



Construct a framework of essential policies, principles, practices, and personnel to effectively organize and guide your staff to consistently thrive in their support raising.



Identify the tools, resources, and strengths you need to take your support raising instruction to a new level. Sharpen your skills by learning from other experts.



Develop a proficient cadre of knowledgeable and caring support raising mentors at every level of your organization to get your staff fully funded - and help them stay there!

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  1. Members must respect copyrights and restricted use permissions of materials from SRS and other SRS Network members who share resources. The Webinar Library, Catapult Videos and SRS Audit are for members or their organization's use only.
  2. Members’ ministry is compatible with the SRS Statement of Faith, found at
  3. Members understand this is a non-refundable, non-transferable 12-month membership to the SRS Network, and that their membership may be refunded and revoked for any reason by SRS.

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