July 2020 Webinar
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SRS Webinar
Jul 28, 2020
1:00 pm CT
Jeremy Henderson: Community with Staff at a Distance

Words like “unity” and “community” are certainly buzzwords that rise up within much of our corporate dialogue these days. Today, many ministry leaders are finding themselves quite unexpectedly facing the challenges of maintaining their unique culture and building authentic community within their organization–but from a distance. Talk about a seemingly insurmountable challenge! Is it even possible to move forward in fostering a new level of community with leaders, teams, and members while also working remotely? Maybe it’s time to employ some fresh strategies, and, with God’s help, see this crucial area of ministry life even flourish despite everyone’s proximity to the office. Join Jeremy Henderson as he attempts to tackle the issue of how we approach “Community with Staff at a Distance”.

Jeremy Henderson,
VP of Communications and VP of Missions Mobilization,
Go To Nations
Jeremy's utmost desire in ministry has been to communicate the gospel creatively and effectively across ethnic and generational lines. After serving for 18 years in pastoral and educational leadership, he sensed a great urgency to minister in the area of global missions. Jeremy serves as the Vice President of Missions Mobilization and Communications at Go To Nations and leads Ministry Partner Development for his organization, training emerging leaders both in the United States and cross-culturally in the area of support-raising.

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