Your First 100 Days

Too Comfortable?

First 100 Days Ep 13 – Too Comfortable? w/ MacGregor Magruder
bywith Aaron J. Babyar

MacGregor Magruder with the Center for Mission Mobilization discusses the importance of maintaining contacts even after you’re fully funded.


Don’t get too comfortable

Important reminder as you move toward and become fully funded: Don’t get too comfortable!

You are not suddenly ‘finished’ with some of your new habits once you are fully funded. Of course, there is an air of excitement, and you should stop and praise the Lord on the day you realize you have met your God-sized goals! However, communication and contacts are two words that will be a part of your vocabulary for as long as you raise support.

As we’ve discussed previously, you will continue keeping in regular touch with your supporters because they are an essential part of your ministry. Beyond finances, they are a part of your prayer support, and you also want to be praying for them too. Continue to have a plan to build those relationships.

“Whoever is slothful will not roast his game, but the diligent man will get precious wealth.” –Proverbs 12:27 [ESV]

Be mindful that God has a way of expanding vision and growing ministry which may eventually require additional funds. Making a plan now will help you be prepared when your support needs increase. Prayerfully create a plan to ask for increases from established partners as time goes by. The cost of living goes up, but unless you keep them aware, your supporters may never think about that as they give.

Also, keep prayerfully adding new contacts and occasionally getting referrals so that you can continue adding new donors when needed. Though it probably won’t happen every month, it is not unusual to lose a supporter due to their life circumstances changing. Staying on track with adding new contacts will prevent you from getting to a place where your reserves are depleted, and you have no prospects for new partners.


May God bless you in building your team of ministry partners,

The SRS Team


This Week’s Self-Improvement Challenge

If you haven’t already, develop and practice your Ask for an increased donation from an established partner. If there are some who have been partnering with you for quite awhile, consider reviewing Session 23 from your Bootcamp workbook, and plan to invite them to increase their financial investment in your ministry.


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