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Dealing with rejection

First 100 Days Ep 7 – Dealing with Rejection w/ Ken Chi
bywith Aaron J. Babyar

Not every Ask will result in a yes. Dealing with rejection correctly is one of the most essential skills to have during support raising. Ken Chi, a funding coach with the Navigators, gives advice on how to positively handle a no.


Don’t let rejection slow you down

“No.” Perhaps you have heard a version of that response several times already? After you’ve prayed, prepared, and practiced, you’ve eagerly laid out the ministry to which you have been called, and in response to your clear invitation, the response from the other chair is…“no.”  You may have already realized that your obedience to invite others to invest in your ministry will not always result in your initially preferred outcome!

Hearing “no” may be a time when your spiritual health feels tested. Does the answer hurt too much? Were you graceful in your response? Did you have an expectation that was a borderline demand (if only in your head and heart)?  It’s wise to measure your response to each potential supporter’s answer. But let’s zoom in a bit more on what you are doing with the “no.”

Don’t let Satan discourage you by taking a rejection to your Ask as a rejection of you. You aren’t asking people to validate your ministry, your calling, or your self-worth. You are simply asking them to invest financially in your ministry. God is your provider, not people. Their decision is between them and God, as the Lord may have prepared other places for them to give, while preparing others to give toward your ministry. Meditate on Galatians 1:10, “For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.”

So other than not letting the “no” wound or discourage you, you will likely have an action point or two in moving forward:

  • Realize they may want to say yes, but can’t because of other reasons. If you sense that it’s simply a “not right now” type of “no,” ask if they’d be open to you contacting them in 6 to 12 months.
  • Realize that perhaps they are saying “no” simply because they don’t personally feel connected to your vision, and God isn’t calling them to be a part of your team. Appreciate their honesty, and ask if they know of someone who would feel more connected to the vision. This could open a door for a referral.
  • If you think that their “no” may boil down to not wanting a monthly financial commitment, let them know you will also be needing a special group of people who like to invest in specific needs and projects as they come up. Ask if they would be open to periodic opportunities for special gifts.
  • You will almost always want to ask if they would like to receive updates on your ministry, and add them to your newsletter list.

At the end of a support raising appointment, if the person doesn’t agree to partnership, don’t lose hope. If you were faithful in setting up the appointment and in clearly inviting them to partner with you, then you are already a success, regardless of their answer! That’s not permission to be lazy of course. We want to the honor the Lord and others by working hard, and sharing a clear and compelling invitation. But, don’t let a “no” answer derail your calling.  Gracefully close the meeting, and begin preparation to invite the next person God puts in your path.


May God bless you in building your team of ministry partners,

The SRS Team


This Week’s Self-Improvement Challenge

Take some time to examine your heart for any resentment toward anyone who has turned you down or responded harshly to you as you sought support. This article may help you in doing that heart check.

Make sure to pray for those who have said “no,” asking God to bless them and help them in whatever situation they face. Remember that His will is most important in their life, not your will.  Meanwhile, ask God to open your eyes to others you may have made “no’s” in your mind but who should be on your list, and to anyone He has already put in your path but you haven’t seen fit to invite… yet!


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