Eat Healthier, Read More, Get Fully Funded

The New Year is a time when people tend to look ahead, make goals, start fresh and consider trying new things. We want to lose weight, go to the gym, eat healthier or read more. Sometimes these New Year’s resolutions lead to the change we hope for, yet often our intentions are good, but our follow-through is not. Maybe you also have goals in support raising you hope to reach this year: “This year I will add 5 people each month to my newsletter list. I will add three people to our financial support team this quarter, or I commit […]

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Five Reasons “Poor Talk” is Killing Your Ministry

I recently interacted with a ministry leader who is also a friend. He was sharing about a very real issue that can affect Great Commission work. It’s something he has been seeing a lot of first hand. With his permission, I took some of his thoughts to create this article. We’ve all had those times when we are networking with another ministry leader and poor talk rears its ugly head and finds its way into the conversation. This acts like a disease and has a far-reaching impact not only on you personally, but also on those around you. Consider these […]

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Surprise, Surprise! Why Introverts Can Raise & Maintain Their Support Teams Just As Easily As Extroverts

If you’ve attended an SRS Bootcamp, you may remember the story contrasting Lisa, an introverted woman who successfully raised and maintained her support, with Lenny, an extroverted “life of the party” guy who was unable to sustain his team. Well, I’m Lisa, and I want to share from my perspective the role and influence of personality has on support raising. When I first considered raising support, I was tempted to believe I would be unable to do so. I privately compared myself with Steve Shadrach, who was leading the Bootcamp I attended back in 2004, and I knew I was […]

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How Bad Do You Want It?

“The Greatest Walk-On in the History of College Football”. That is the way Brandon Burlsworth is described in GREATER, a movie produced about his life and death. Brandon was a very slow and overweight freshman who had a lifelong dream of playing for the Arkansas Razorbacks, but instead he was relegated to be the proverbial tackling dummy at practices. In spite of the mocking and derision, he refused to give up. Over the course of three years he out-worked, out-studied, and out-improved all others, moving his way up the depth chart. He won a scholarship, started at offensive tackle, and gained […]

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You may just be starting your full-time support raising ministry journey, stalled out, or have years of experience living under God’s provision through a support team. No matter where you’re at, there are four crucial questions to ask yourself on the way to being fully funded for your ministry work. How you answer these questions could determine the longevity and fruitfulness of your support development, and dare I say, the legacy of your ministry too. It is not okay to drag along underfunded. It hinders your work, hurts your family, and can defame the Lord. In the midst of my […]

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“How to Invite Others to Partner with God in the World” podcast from Engaging Missions

Aaron Babyar, President of Exago, was interviewed by the brilliant minds over at It’s easy to let our status as a support raiser affect our self-identity, but Aaron encourages us to find our identity in Christ, rather than solely identifying ourselves by the work we do. Also in this podcast, Aaron refutes some misconceptions about raising support and shows how important it actually is to the Kingdom of God. The weekly podcast from Engaging Missions focuses on sharing stories of those engaging the world with the mission of God. You can listen to Aaron’s interview in full by clicking the […]

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In the summer of 1982, my mother and I boarded the biggest plane I’ve ever seen: a 747 jumbo jet, bound for a place known as “Beautiful Country”, the literal translation of the word “America” in Mandarin Chinese. As a 12-year-old boy, I had no idea what God had in store for my life. Fourteen years later, and after much spiritual growth, I joined The Navigators ministry to reach college students for Christ. I still remember my staff orientation and how daunting it sounded to go out and raise my entire support. For the next 10 years, I struggled immensely with […]

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Jesus talked about money more than any other topic. Not only are two thirds of the parables dealing with money, but our Crown Financial Ministry friends tell us that money is discussed 2,350 times in the Bible—more than heaven and hell combined! My pastor believes that how we view and handle money is the main barometer of our spiritual lives. Could that be true? Two of the greatest human resources the Lord lends to us during our short stay on this planet are our time and money. If someone were to look at your schedule and checkbook, what would they […]

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I once picked up a slightly inebriated hitchhiker in rural Wisconsin. As I attempted to engage him in conversation, I decided to risk asking him a rather penetrating question: “Friend, what is your life goal?” My liquor-smelling seatmate announced resolutely, “My goal is to get by!” That launched us into a very lively discussion about Jesus Christ! But the next day his words “get by” haunted me. God used my hitchhiker friend to help me realize I had a financial “get by” mentality. Yes, I worked on fundraising a little here and there, but deep down, I never really planned […]

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They (whoever “they” is!) say that “necessity is the mother of invention”. And when you feel so burdened by a ministry calling God has given you, you will do whatever it takes to find the resources to get fully funded and launch into that ministry assignment. In other words: Vision begets urgency, urgency begets creativity, and creativity begets breakthroughs. To affirm that, we used to say, “That’ll preach!” Now we say, “That’ll tweet!” I am in the process of helping my three-year-old grandson move from babyhood (i.e. diapers) to boyhood (i.e. pants) and it can be a tedious, frustrating experience. […]

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