Lifetime Service Award – Betty Barnett

During each Support Raising Leaders Conference, we recognize a life-long champion of personal support raising who has given decades to the service of others in this critical area of ministry.  It is our honor to recognize Betty Barnett with the Lifetime Service Award for Modeling Relational Support Raising at the Support Raising Leaders Conference in Colorado Springs, CO April 12, 2023. Watch the recap video of the award ceremony! Betty Barnett has been in full-time Christian service since 1975, dependent upon missionary support from her church, friends, and family. Describing herself as a “missions equipper,” she has served with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for […]

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How might God call me to be part of someone else’s MPD journey?

A number of years ago, Izzy* chose to follow God’s calling to our team. She was a missionary force to be reckoned with. As a student, she regularly would see students from her shared Latino heritage come to know Jesus. However, she came from a low-income family and background, was first generation college, and had very few MPD resources. She spent the whole summer sitting at our dining room table, making call after call, faithfully trusting the Lord to provide for her support. Although advocacy was a relatively new concept, my husband and I  wanted to come alongside her in […]

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Coaching Cross-Culturally

Does culture affect coaching? You bet it does! I’ve noticed that most coaching training originated from cultures that could be described as individualistic and egalitarian – countries like Australia, Britain, and the United States. However, much of the world is group-oriented and hierarchical in their cultural ways of behaving. The peoples of Arab-speaking countries, China, Greece, Indonesia, India, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, West Africa, in fact, the majority of the world’s population follow these cultural tendencies. Coaches must be aware of their own cultural perspective, and the perspectives of their clients. Coaches from individualist, egalitarian cultural settings may be […]

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What Is the Minimum Training Needed to Be Effective at Support Raising?

What can I get by with? This is a question worth asking. Maybe a better rewording: what is the minimum needed to still be effective?  This is the question I want to ask and re-ask when looking at the various support raising training needs of my staff. If you have a robust partnership development training, such as SRS Bootcamp or something similar, then it’s tempting to use that one training for every situation. You know it’s effective!  But what about the small needs? I’m thinking about semester interns instead of career salary. Maybe it’s staff that will have supplemental income […]

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The Power Behind “Wonder” in Coaching

We all know asking good questions is key to great coaching. Do you ever let yourself wander down the lane of questioning?  Do you ever wonder about why? Or think about the “what ifs” in a good way? Especially on behalf of the people you are coaching.  For example: What if this obstacle went away?  What if they didn’t have to do X?    As coaches and leaders of others, we can wonder our way to some discoveries and find answers to struggles, even struggles that are not ours. We can help the people we coach by wondering things on their […]

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Contextualized Training for Non-Western Audiences

By God’s grace, I’ve had the privilege of training global missionaries in personal support raising on five continents. It’s truly been a privilege to take what we learned launching SRS in East Asia and applying the concepts to other strategic locations within the Global South where the mission field is quickly becoming the mission force – places like Latin America, East Africa, and Southeast Asia. If I had the space, I could recount thrilling stories of indigenous workers becoming fully funded in record time and completely from within their own culture. By far the most common question I am asked […]

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Help! How to Renew Stale Vision

Paper, glue, and markers lay scattered around the table as we crafted cards for the Church’s partner ministries. Laughing chatter filled the air as the two girls at my table filled me in on all the latest of the college experience (boy had a lot changed!). Eventually came the question, “So, what do you do?”.  I have the answer down pat. I’ve shared it so many times.  But they were so eager, so interested, so easily excited—I couldn’t stop. I had to tell them why it WAS so exciting and important. I couldn’t help but pull out the pivotal stories […]

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Lifetime Service Award – Ellis Goldstein

During each Support Raising Leaders Conference, we recognize a life-long champion of personal support raising who has given decades to the service of others in this critical area of ministry.  It was our honor to recognize Ellis Goldstein, Director of Ministry Partnership Development with Cru, with the Lifetime Service Award for Pioneering Biblical MPD Training at the Support Raising Leaders Conference in Orlando, Florida November 9, 2021. Growing up Jewish, Ellis became a Christian at Penn State University through the ministry of Cru. After graduation he went on staff with Cru, investing his early years ministering to students at Boston […]

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How to Coach Around Limiting Beliefs

When was the last time you were coaching someone and they just wanted to give up? What was the reason they gave you? If it was anything other than “I did my best and learned a lesson–and I will do better next time,” then they were letting limiting beliefs get in the way of achieving their goals. Limiting beliefs are often deeply ingrained into people–so much so that they are not even aware of them. As a coach, how can we help people to overcome their limiting beliefs?  First we need to understand what limiting beliefs are. Simply, they are […]

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RESONATE with HIS Heart: 2021 Support Raising Leaders Conference

There is no greater tuning point than aligning our vision, efforts, and hearts to Jesus’. This year’s Support Raising Leaders Conference we explored what it means to resonate with Christ.  SRLC aimed that out of our worship of Jesus we would RESONATE with HIS heart for: the nations unity in our ministries personal transformation.  441 leaders from 116 organizations representing over 100,000 great commission workers worshiped, prayed, and learned together how we can collectively send more laborers and keep more laborers on the field.  The delay that the conference experienced due to COVID served to heighten everyone’s excitement to be […]

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