5 Character Flaws That Sabotage Our Support Raising

By on September 1, 2012   /   2 Comments

I like to think of myself as a positive person, cheering on everyone I cross paths with.

But today, we need some “tough love” (me included!) for us who call ourselves full-time Christian workers. Yes, there are many exceptions, but let’s be honest, in many circles, our reputation stinks. And if the world (or the Church!) views us negatively, we have no one to blame but ourselves. So, sit down, take a stiff swig of a 5 Hour Energy Drink, and let me perform a much-needed “intervention” to help us truly face reality. These five flaws in our character desperately need to be transformed by the power of God:

1. Our lazy work ethic

Most supporters are up at 6 am to put in 10-12 hr days to send us their hard-earned $100+ a month. I’m not suggesting becoming a workaholic, but should we not be laboring just as hard as the very people who are “busting their rear” every day to free us up to do ministry? I’m all for taking a Sabbath, but the Lord worked six days (not five!)…then took a day off. Many of us are “grace abusers,” touting the sovereignty and mercy of God as we sleep late, take time off whenever we choose, and have an undisciplined daily schedule.

2. Our lack of professionalism 

The Body of Christ shouldn’t mimic corporations, but we can learn from successful business people who possess an incredible “standard of excellence.” We excuse our own sloppiness, claiming others have more money, technology, expertise, etc…NO! Let’s not let the world outdo us in ANYTHING! Our motive is the glory of God and evangelization of the world, and thus our expectations should be profoundly higher than secular companies across the planet. Let’s quit making excuses for our inferiority and compromise and seek to be the consummate professional in every area of our life, ministry, and support raising.

3. Our weak follow through

“Many a man proclaims his loyalty, but a faithful man, who can find?” Proverbs 20:4 asks. Carol and I receive about 40 requests each spring to fund summer mission trips, with most all the askers promising to call the next week. Results last spring? Only two contacted us! The word on the streets about us support raisers is so bad that most people don’t take anything we say seriously, because they know we will not follow through with our commitments. Let’s fight and claw every single day to restore our reputation as “faithful servants of the Most High God!”

Let’s fight and claw every day to restore our reputation as faithful servants of the Most High God!

4. Our sense of entitlement

I was so embarrassed hearing a man introduce himself as “Reverend” and press an innkeeper by saying, “Surely you want to give a man of the cloth a rate cut.” I’m not saying you can’t ask your dentist to consider providing you dental care as a way of investing in your ministry, but our attitude will make us or break us. If we arrogantly expect others to acquiesce to our demands of “clergy discounts,” we drag the name of Christ through the mud. We ought to be the biggest tippers and most generous givers; the gracious ones who provide a bonus for a job well done.

5. Our beggar mentality 

Tied into the previous one, this glaring character flaw emanates from us wherever we go. People see, hear, smell, and sense it from us constantly. Instead of living a powerful and free, God-sized, vision-driven life we sink down into our own little world, obsessed with saving pennies, clipping coupons, and scavenging thrift stores. We are totally oblivious to how toxic this is to our family, friends, and supporters.

Let’s ask God to rescue us from this bondage, to lift our eyes to Him and His purposes, to focus on winning the world—and raising the resources to do so!


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