Lifetime Service Award – Scott Morton

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During each Support Raising Leaders Conference, we recognize champions of personal support raising who have given decades to the service of others in this critical area of ministry. The body of Christ has been blessed by these pioneers who have gone ahead and paved the way for others to mobilize needed resources for ministry.

It was our honor to recognize Scott Morton, International Funding Coach for the Navigators, with the Lifetime Service Award for Championing Biblical Fundraising at the Support Raising Leaders Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona October 21, 2019. Watch the recap video of the award ceremony!

Morton has been on staff with the Navigators over 50 years, playing key campus ministry leadership roles along with many years as the Vice President of Development. Not only did he take responsibility for raising major funds for the organization, but created and spearheaded the personal support raising training and ongoing coaching of all new and veteran Navigator staff. His popular book, Funding Your Ministry, is a classic and has been the go to book for myriads of support raising organizations and staff for decades.

Morton’s thorough and inductive study of the Scriptures forms the foundation for his writing and teaching, and is looked to by scores of Christian leaders as a biblical authority and guide in all things pertaining finances. His great heart to encourage and mentor others spurred him to form the Funding Your Ministry Symposium in the early 2,000’s where fundraising trainers and coaches from many other ministries would gather biannually at the Navigators headquarters to be taught by Morton and other leaders he had recruited like Cru’s Ellis Goldstein and YWAM’s Betty Barnett.

Now, in his mid 70’s, he continues his support raising training and coaching, authoring books, creating teaching videos, and discipling men in their spiritual lives and ministry. Scott Morton has given his entire life to recruiting people (and their resources) to the person and purposes of Jesus Christ, leaving an incredible legacy of eternal impact, and well deserving of this Lifetime Service Award. Why? Well, to quote Morton, “It’s all about the gospel!”

Join us for the 2021 Support Raising Leaders Conference where we will honor yet another champion of personal support raising!


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