Mobilize More: More Prayer, More Partners, More Praise

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Are your staff people raising money…or are they mobilizing? Most Christian workers drudge through personal support raising as a “have to”, a necessary evil, a painful and unpleasant pathway to get to their ministry assignment.

What if, as one of their ministry leaders, you could help your staff see the ministry of personal support raising (aka Ministry Partnership Development) as not about money, but about mobilization?

You see, there’s an eternal reason the Lord has given each of your staff an ever growing network of friends, family, and churches.

The bigger purpose behind it all is that He desires to use every Christian worker to individually mobilize each person in their sphere of influence to personally understand and engage with the Great Commission. For decades, God has been orchestrating the circle of contacts for each of your staff and, in His sovereign plan, has placed your worker right in the middle of that group to be a divine recruiter to the person and purposes of Jesus Christ. He is at work!

This is why the theme of our 2019 Support Raising Leaders Conference was Mobilize MoreMore prayer, More partners, More praise. When your staff join your organization and gain the privilege of raising their support, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime to potentially help hundreds of people pray, partner and praise God more through eternally investing their time, talent, and treasure. At this conference, we will be presenting personal support raising as the greatest mobilization strategy God ever invented, and if done with the right attitude and approach, large swaths of the Body of Christ around the world can be intimately involved in building up the Kingdom of God.

For instance, mobilizing through support raising enables a Wisconsin farmer to understand for the first time that millions do not have God’s Word in their heart language, and his investment can give the Scriptures to an unreached people group in India. It allows a Kenyan teacher and his family to be challenged in their prejudices to see Somali Muslims as a people God loves and to support a fellow Kenyan to plant churches among the Somalis. It opens the eyes and heart of a Chinese engineer to pray for and invest in believers from his country going to Indonesia to raise up workers to go to Buddhist unreached people groups. Every country, every culture, every socio-economic group can and should be engaged with God’s Kingdom work. What will this vision take? Tens of thousands of faith-based ministries worldwide sending their workers out to raise their support (i.e. mobilize!) millions of Christians from myriads of communities. “Thank you Lord for inventing this incredible international strategy, of the body of Christ working together in an interdependent way, to mobilize itself to accomplish everything that is in Your heart!”

We see biblical snapshots of this plan such as when God told Moses to ask the Israelite’s for the resources to build the tabernacle in Exodus 25, when Jesus funds His ministry from the ongoing support of individuals, and when Paul tells the Philippians they are building up heavenly treasure for themselves when they give to his work. But as hundreds of Christian leaders convene in Scottsdale this October, we will be pulling back the curtain further and seeking to look at the world, the ministry, and funding from God’s perspective. The bigger picture is He is all about mobilizing His people to align their heart, vision, and resources towards eternal purposes. And each of your staff is His divinely prepared tool to do just that!  

Let’s fasten a new lens on this ministry of personal support raising–ministry by ministry, leader by leader, and worker by worker. It’s not just about money, it’s not just about partnership, it’s about the mobilization opportunity of a lifetime! Come and bring your ministry executives, team leaders, support trainers and coaches to this Support Raising Leaders Conference.

Together let’s learn how to mobilize more prayer, more partners, and more praise unto our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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