SRS Bootcamp training leads to cultural shift and increased revenue within FCA

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“In all the history of FCA, there has not been any one thing that has had more impact than having the SRS Bootcamp training for our staff,” shared Shane Williamson, president of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). By implementing the methodology and training from Support Raising Solutions for the past five years and embracing personal support raising as their primary funding model, FCA quadrupled their automatic monthly donations from $9 million to $36 million a year.

It all started when Micah May, FCA area director for south central Arkansas, attended his first SRS Bootcamp. Like many other workers throughout the ministry world, May was committed to the work God had called him to, but growing weary of the financial toll it was taking on him and his family. After hearing about another staff member who raised all his support in just 3 to 6 months by using the methods from Bootcamp, May decided to check out the training for himself. What he learned eventually transformed not just his own personal ministry, but the entire organization.

May began adopting the principles from Bootcamp and meeting with individuals face to face, inviting them to invest in God’s work by financially partnering with his ministry. In just a matter of time, individuals began joining his monthly support team after hearing his ministry vision and financial goals, and his ministry account began growing.

May became an advocate for support raising training and the methods and principles taught in Bootcamp. He began recommending the training to other FCA staff members throughout his region, until hundreds of staff were attending public SRS Bootcamps and putting the methods of personal support raising into practice.

It wasn’t long before the national office noticed the dramatic increase in monthly support pouring in from the staff who went to Bootcamp. They realized that most of the new staff who attended Bootcamp trainings were able to get fully funded in just 3 to 6 months using the methods and practices they learned.

Soon after, FCA leaders established Bootcamp as a training requirement for all their staff. As they watched more and more staff reach full support, they began adjusting their funding model to give more priority to personal support raising for financial health and stability.

Eventually, FCA decided to bring the SRS Bootcamp training in-house, and host regular Bootcamp trainings exclusively for its own staff. May became certified as an SRS Bootcamp Facilitator and now leads a full Bootcamp for about 40 FCA staff every six weeks.

Williamson and May both believe that instituting SRS Bootcamp as a requirement for staff ushered in a cultural shift at FCA that establishes expectations of full funding and financial health among staff, while empowering them with the beliefs and tools to be successful in personal support raising.

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