The Top Four Books on Support Raising

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1. Friendraising: Building a Support Team that Lasts by Betty Barnett, Published by YWAM in 1991.
     Barnett is on staff with Youth With A Mission and trains their staff in support raising from her base in Hawaii. In her short, but powerful book, she teaches the four practical pillars of lasting friend and support raising: Friend Raising, Generosity, Communication, and Prayer with Promises. The only one listed here written by a woman, she brings a warm and enduring emphasis on building life long relationships with our supporters. Barnett exudes a genuine authenticity through her own story and the testimonies of Christian workers who have succeeded (and struggled) to apply her training.

2. Funding Your Ministry: Whether You’re Gifted or Not by Scott Morton, Published by Dawson Media in 1999.
     Morton is Vice President of Development for The Navigators and oversees major fund development and training staff to raise their support. True to the Navigators, the book is based on a thorough study of the Scriptures. Easy to read and full of great cartoons and practical tools, Morton makes this sometimes fearful topic less intimidating. The Bible studies and exercises in the appendix should be required homework for every person raising support. Having lived on personal support himself for almost 40 years, Morton walks the talk.

3. Getting Sent: A Relational Approach to Support Raising by Pete Sommer, Published by Intervarsity Press in 1999.
Sommer was on staff with IVCF for years, helping train staff how to raise support before taking a pastorate in Menlo Park, CA. He begins by identifying the obstacles and struggles we all face, stating “Most of us would rather have a root canal than ask for money!” The book includes nine Bible studies that show the principles undergirding Sommer’s approach. Focused on getting to know the people you ask for support, he has helpful sections that address the unique challenges that women, minorities, and different ethnic groups might face in raising support.

4. People Raising: A Practical Guide to Raising Support by Bill Dillon, Published by Moody Press in 1993.
Dillon is the Executive Director of Inner City Impact in Chicago, but trains his staff and others in raising their support. Probably the most widely read of the four books, Dillon helps the reader cultivate positive attitudes and skills necessary for successful support raising. He includes insightful quotes from leaders, step by step phone and presentation scripts, sample letters, forms to record information, and training exercises. Over the last 20+ years God has used Dillon to disseminate basic support raising principles to thousands.


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