A Story of God At Work in Africa

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My name is Victor Mushimbami and I am from Zambia. My wife’s name is Dorcas Mushimbami and my daughter’s name is Nuru Mushimbami. Both my wife and I come from poor family backgrounds.

My short conversion testimony

Before I came to the Lord, I was in witchcraft. I initiated a lot of souls during that time and nobody wanted to preach the gospel to me. One day, a Jehovah’s witness pointed at me and said, “He can not get saved, no matter how much he can repent.” But God, in his mercy, stretched his right hand with his salvation to me through a book written by an evangelist. I saw my sins on that cross and I allowed Christ to take my place as he gave me his.

How I received my Missionary Call?

The missionary call came upon me as guilt. I was guilty about my past sins and people I had initiated into the kingdom of the devil. The only thing I could think of that would free me, was to give God my life and bring souls from darkness into his light. I have been bringing souls to God and my wife is one of those.

How I confirmed my mission field?

I came to confirm my mission field during my studies at the Bible college. My wife confirmed first. It was during short term School mission trips. I was first sent within Zambia, Congo then to Tanzania. After meeting a lady who confessed to me that she was hearing the gospel, I presented to her for the very first time. I decided to go back during my internship and I heard God clearly that he was calling both my wife and I to be Cross-cultural missionaries. But there was a problem, “Money”. How can we obey; how can we go without Money? This was my greatest barrier between the field and us.

Going into the field and challenges.

After we completed our studies, we got married and 8 days after our wedding, we thought of going. Our Church leaders called and asked us how much we had raised. To their surprise, we had raised not even a coin, but we wanted to go. They had to send us out so that they could discuss it. God, in his own way, raised Pastor Ndelemeti, founder of our local Church. He stood up and said, “Let them go. They don’t have a house here and they don’t have a place to stay. If God has called them, better we send them.” (paraphrased).

The church agreed to send us and raised support that could help us get started in the field. The first days were honeymoon days. We were excited about the new culture, new food, new people and our obedience to the Lord. Until reality struck. The Money the church raised was all spent and there was no one to ask. Our honeymoon days turned into hell fire. Our daughter was almost caught with malnutrition. We started asking why we even left in the first place? To cut the long story short, I started searching for organizations that would help us obey more our Lord

and thankfully, I bumped myself into “Steve D”. We became friends because he is one of the few white people I’ve ever met who are so friendly to blacks like us. We had some discussions on Zoom and WhatsApp. He saw the call and potential in me, so he showed me the way that would help me do more for God and it was the way to be fully funded. I requested a Bootcamp in Tanzania. They sent me materials to translate in preparation for it because Tanzania is a Swahili speaking Nation.

The invitation to the Bootcamp in Rwanda.

One amazing day, “Steve D.”asked me if I would be interested in attending the Bootcamp that was prepared in Rwanda. I really wanted to know what “Bootcamp” was, so I was very interested in the invitation. He paid for the flight (going and coming back). I asked so many questions, in my mind, about why he did that for me? What was so special about this Bootcamp which he wanted me to attend?

In the Month of April, this year, I arrived at the Kenneth Kaunda International airport, Zambia. I was about to fly for the very first time. It was like dreaming and I never wanted anyone to wake me up if it was. We flew and landed in Rwanda. Hundley picked us up and took us to his house. After a couple of hours, he took us to the garden where the training would take place. I had nothing in my pocket, only expecting a few people to send little donations to me. I could watch people going out, rejoicing in what God has given to them. I was like the only dry tree among the green trees. I was covered in shame because I had nothing to point at. Thank God I met friendly people who looked at me as their brother in the Lord.

The greatest day of my life.

While in the training, my eyes were opened and I clearly saw where I went wrong during my support Raising before Bootcamp: Firstly, I only know raising support through newsletters. Secondly, I was young and did not know how to have a relationship with my donors. Thirdly, I did not know about the God Ask. Fourthly, we went to the field on pledges and lastly, we did not know the strategy of the marathon. When we just heard the sound of the gun, we sprinted.

During Bootcamp in Rwanda, we were asked to make contacts with our potential donors and we wrote down their names in our mailing lists. While in Bootcamp, I made appointments on Facebook and calls. These were appointments after coming back to Zambia, my country. I had a skill from the training, how to share the vision using PowerPoint and after the presentation, the church (our sending Church) was moved. They have noticed that something has changed after the training. I also shared the vision to my friends and families, asking them to Ask God if he was leading them to invest in our ministry and we received a positive response. I am now remaining with $285 to reach my goal and it should be done before December. I have a plan of how I am going to have $285 and here is the plan:

Problem: $285

We are in need of $285. We are praying that the lord would be giving us $285 monthly.


Will need 5 churches/individuals, who could be giving $50 each Churches/individuals and one church/ individual who could be giving $35 per month.

Let us know if the Lord is leading you to be giving $50 per month.

We believe that, support raising is about you and us, seeking God’s will. God has called us into ministry and he wants us to be providing for both ministry and family needs. Kindly ask God if he is really leading you to invest in his kingdom, through supporting our ministry.

Thank you for being a friend!

As I am writing now, we have already have potential people who could help us have that $285

My Motivation in Raising Support

After reading “The God Ask” I realized that it is God, who moves the hearts of people to invest in his ministry. If they can’t give, then it is an indication that God did not move them to give. Asking is not bad. We have good examples like Elijah. God told him that he had already spoken to the widow and told him to go and ask. Asking is looking for who God has put on our way to partner with and work together. Some are called to jump into the pit while others hold ropes.

I found an answer in the God ask to the problem why people are failing and withdrawing from the field. The lost souls are thirsty for the word and are ready to hear the gospel, but workers are few. Like in the words of the Lord, “the harvest is plentiful”. The problem is few workers. Workers are few because of financial problems. I have decided to dedicate my life to helping my fellow missionaries and train them in how they could raise their own support and stay longer in the field. “Lord, send and keep more workers” Amen!

Going Extra Miles.

After the training, I have gone extra miles. I have trained National Directors of Prison Ministry in how to raise support using my real life experience. My wife and I have given our lives to translating “The God Ask” Book into French, Swahili and Bemba. Apart from that, we have requested for Bootcamps in both Zambia (home country) and Tanzania (Mission field).

Thank you so much!


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