5 Essential Tools to Overcome a Disaster

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Recently, I was reading an article that asked, “What are the top 5 tools that will help you survive a natural or man-made disaster?”

Realizing that many in Christian ministry who are raising support seem to be teetering on the brink of disaster, I found myself taking the principles of that article and applying it to Ministry Partner Development (MPD).

Here are the tools:

1. Your Brain

This is the single most important tool in any survival situation. Reading 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, I’m quick to recognize that our natural thinking does not provide the solution, but the key is aligning our thinking with the absolute and changeless truth of God’s Word. It means going back to the basics of what God’s Word teaches us about the promise of His provision for those of us whom He has called into Christian service. It also means taking active steps of faith like Elijah did in 1 Kings 17 where he makes an incredibly bold ask to the widow of Zaraphath, which God uses to not only meet Elijah’s needs, but to even more abundantly meet the needs of the widow and her son as well. In times of disaster, we need to make sure our brain – our thinking – is based on absolute truth and not on human perspectives the enemy so easily attacks.

2. A Multi-Tool

In support raising, one of the key ingredients in our arsenal is our own story—the combination of the testimony of our calling into ministry coupled with our vision for this ministry. I use this as the multi-tool because this can be used in so many different ways in the MPD process. It is the central part of the face-to-face appointment, but it also keeps us focused on what is our primary task in MPD – inviting people into the work of the Great Commission.

3. Fire Starter

My mind wandered to the old cliché, “keep the home fires burning.” In raising support, keeping your family informed and involved in the MPD process is essential to keep yourself motivated. Whether you’re the primary provider and leader or the teammate and encourager, being on the same page with each other is essential. Working together to live out biblical precepts and godly attitudes will be helpful in withstanding the challenges that will come in MPD.

4. Paracord

(parachute cord—the ability to bind things together) – Community is vital in successful MPD. A diabolical strategy of the enemy is to isolate you and leave you feeling all alone, even that God has abandoned you in this effort. Doing your support raising in open, honest community with others is something God purposes to give you both strength and endurance in this process. Don’t let Satan convince you that you are in this effort of support raising by yourself and thereby rob you of the joy, as well as the strength, that can be yours if you will allow others to be a part of the journey with you.

5. Light (a flashlight)

Taking a different line of thinking on this, the question came to mind: Who is shining light into my life, asking me the important questions, and making sure I have the proper perspective (right thinking)? To me, this means ACCOUNTABILITY. Who am I making myself accountable to? Am I seeking out and engaging a coach who will help shed light on challenges, obstacles, and a seeming lack of success?


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