My Top Five All-Time Supporters

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1. Mr. and Mrs. “Out on a Limb”
The Randall’s could tell I was impulsive and highly excitable when they met me as a counselor at a boys camp. Later, when I went to this mature, godly couple to explain my new ministry to college students and ask them to give, I’m sure they detected how many holes there were in my half-baked plans, inflated goals, and unrealistic budget. But, in spite of my inexperience and “over the top” salesmanship, they quietly handed me a significant check to help launch my ministry. They went out on a limb and took a risk on a naïve, young buck, confidently believing in me—and never looking back.

2. “Mr. Clockwork”
Robert started out sending $42.65, arriving on the 10th of every single month his first year. Then it bumped to $58.14 a month the next year, $79.88 the next, then $105.23, $146.92, etc, etc…Now, 18 years later, he and his wife are at $465.33 each and every month! Not only has Robert never missed a month of giving, the amount he gives increases every year! His faithfulness, consistency, and perseverance is unbelievable.

3. Miss “Led by the Spirit”
Anna has a good family, church, job, and…salary. She learned early on in her Christian life the importance of sacrificial giving. A little different than “Mr. Clockwork,” she likes to pray and let the Lord lead her as to where she should invest her giving dollars each month. Yes, some goes to her church, but much of it also goes to the needy she comes across and to ministries that have touched her life. Getting a “special check” from Anna is a treat because it always has a sweet encouraging note attached, an extra couple of zeros at the end of the amount, and a sure sign “Miss Anna” is interceding for me.

4. The “Go To” Guy
I don’t know–maybe Brad played basketball in high school and loved to be the one to heave the three pointer at the buzzer for a come-from-behind victory. Whatever the origin, he wants to be available to meet immediate and critical personal needs and ministry opportunities. “Let me know if you need anything at all!” is his mantra. Brad likes to meet personal as well as ministry needs, especially ones that arise at the last minute. Every Christian worker needs a generous, heart-felt friend like Brad who truly views himself as a “ministry partner.”

5. The “In Your Face” Friend
Rick had just lost his job and was starting over with another, and I was sure his invite to meet for lunch was to inform me of his need to stop giving. But, sitting down, his very first words were, “I’ve been on your team for two years now and you haven’t asked me to increase one time! Why not?” While trying to stammer out some lame excuse, he blurted out, “Well ask me!” Totally caught off-guard, I feebly asked him to increase. “Well how much?” he demanded.  After agreeing to the suggested amount, he then inquired how many of my supporters I had asked to increase this past year. I had to admit I had done a pitiful job doing so. He then made me come up with a plan whereby I would ask at least two ministry partners each month to lift their giving. Since then, I have asked many of our supporters for a “raise” and found great response. Rick has taught me that a little “tough love” is sometimes the best love of all.
*The names have been changed to protect the generous!


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